jennampi.gifI’ve been blogging since 2003, although the first iteration went under another name (“What’s the Rumpus”) and was hosted on Vanderbilt’s servers (and a university-owned website). I switched to this address and name sometime in 2005, I think. What has not changed is my lack of agenda for the blog. Initially, I used it as a place to put content I would have normally sent to friends via email. Now, I make a slightly greater effort to write about music, culture, art, networks and other topics that dovetail with my academic research interests. But there’s also a fair number of videos, not a small number of which involve a stupid human, stupid cat, or both. If you’ve arrived here by mistake, and really want to learn more about my academic research, please head to my main professional webpage. If you are one of the thousands of people that show up every month interested in pants that are both baggy and skinny, or beavers, allow me to tell you that you are not alone, and all of you are bad at using google. You might try bing.

Oh, quickly: I like the little story to which What is the What? is a punchline of sorts.

6 responses to “About

  1. wynnj26

    v. nice. good to hang out… see you soon, eh? hugs.

  2. Merlin

    Yeah, whatisthewhat!!!! This is the only academic blog I can not only stand to read but also ENJOY reading!!!!

  3. carly

    lovely to see you and read your writing.
    such a cutie
    more more more

    • Big help, big help. And surpleative news of course.

    • When comparing the expense of USB pens to “standard pens” its more difficult for the reason that price array of pens can be so wide they can be of course an amazing bit more pricey than standard biro’s but equally they’re significantly cheaper than many of the costlier biro’s, rollerballs and fountain pens which can be available

  4. I liked “What’s the rumpus?”

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