vodka & crystal light

That was our pre-game cocktail the last time I had a group of friends who pre-gamed.

Now I’ve got better friends, and they pre-game with wicked little videos, like these ones here.

There’s predictions, and then there’s predictions. Grantland is ready to come out and call the winner for “Song of the Year:” Macklemore’s “Same Love.” What’s important about that?

Never in the history of the Grammys has a hip-hop track won for Song or Record of the Year. This is important because it’s extremely weird. It’s also important because awarding rap’s first-ever Song of the Year Grammy to Macklemore seems weirdly (some would say absurdly) plausible.

Just think about that for a minute. Never. Never, never. There’s a reasonable debate about this number, but hip-hop is at least 30 years old. And has never won the award that celebrates (a) chart success, (b) (the appearance of) progressive politics on the part of the Grammy’s org, (c) songwriting. Hip-hop isn’t doing spectacularly well in other categories, but it hasn’t been a total shut out. Macklemore’s song is only the fourth hip-hopper to be up for the award: Eminem’s been up twice, Kanye twice, and Estelle once.

Does this have consequences? Hyden gives a qualified no, particularly since some past song of the year winners are essentially one-hit-wonders (in the Grammy sense), or merely forgettable, or are surpassed in our collective resonance-meter by non-winners:

Jay Z has as many Song of the Year nominations as Hoobastank,10 and yet Jay Z could pay to have the members of Hoobastank dropped into a South American rain forest and hunted like wild game by billionaires. This is as it should be. Awards never stick around as long as truly great music does.

On the other hand…

And the kicker, of course, is that Macklemore stands a chance of achieving what a black artist arguably could not, thereby sharpening the band-as-racial-interlopers critique.

In the end, it’s going to be hard for me to decide if I should root for Macklemore on principle, or for Lorde on achievement.


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