PL drew my attention to this post which details how Carnegie Mellon increased the proportion of women in their computer science major from 7 to 42%. The recipe is pretty simple:

  • Reach out to high school students and educate their teachers about gender equity
  • Focus on potential and not just achievement during the admissions process
  • Broaden the focus of entry-level courses in the major
  • Provide social support, mentoring, and programming to and for female majors

Presumably, much of this could be translated into programs to recruit and train members of other groups (e.g., Native Americans, the blind). What would not work in programs for these other groups, do you think?



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2 responses to “equity

  1. Glad to see this on the heels of reading this (https://www.usenix.org/blog/my-daughters-high-school-programming-teacher) yesterday (great letter, but disappointing reality it responds to).

    • Jenn Lena

      I do love today’s “update” to that story–not the part where she was trying to resolve the problem, as a kid, with adults, but the part where she and her mom have an honest conversation about it.

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