this will put me on a (good) list

I’m an unapologetic fanboy for Kieran Healy, but he’s really outdone himself this time. In this week’s post, he takes on the NSA “metadata” story, and the spin that we citizens shouldn’t be too, too worried since this is just data that conversations happened, not on their content. NO WORRIES.

In response, Healy has written this brilliant analysis that shows if the British had metadata (and computers! and a sociologist) on the organizations radical colonists belonged to, they could have picked out Paul Revere as the most likely to do the midnight ride.

I know the NSA is now listening (and other critters too, I hope), and I suppose I know they always were, but I hope there’s someone at the Times or the Atlantic who will try to hire Healy so at least he gets paid for this sort of thing.


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