stress ball

My current landlord (this is institutional real estate, so also my employer for 20 more days) gave me less than one month’s notice for the end of my lease. The lease is actually a “license” which, if you know NYC rent laws, has particularly wonderful benefits for property owners. Why didn’t I know further in advance? Basically, I asked for a short extension of the license (a month) and just found out I couldn’t have it (only a week) which was fine in the end since my next landlord (also institutional/employer/license) moved my move-in date up by a month.

The point of all that background:

In the email informing me of the “drop dead move out date” why did my landlord/almost former employer chastise me for not yet informing them of my move date? Is someone in their office stroking out? Is the time/space continuum warping? Did someone put something fun in the punch bowl? Are they tripping their balls off?


I have other complaints, of course, (and am generally in quite a good mood despite all the hassles of late and moving being one of the “5 most stressful life events” which is the sort of pat commentary almost anyone offers when you tell a story that deals with some stressful aspect of a move) but this is the only one that involves people that are basically no longer going to have any influence on or over me.



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