live blogging, grammies edition 2013

Tonight’s the broadcast of the 2013 Grammy Awards, and normally I’d be liveblogging my little heart out. The thing’s sure to be a trainwreck, what with the news that Chris Brown’s already been in trouble in his car again, and that Brown is escorting Rihanna to the event (we know how well that went, the last time it happened).

I’ve got an easy out–I’ve said time and again that I’ll boycott any event with Brown appearing–and I do it this time with only a small amount of regret. I’ve already seen Timberlake perform “Suit & Tie” live, Travis Barker spoils any hope I’d have of enjoying LL Cool J performing in the opening song, I can watch the Levon Helm and Dave Brubeck tributes on the Yu Toob tomorrow, along with the Frank Ocean, and the only thing interesting about Taylor Swift’s appearance will be whatever low cut dress she plans on wearing.

Anyway, I’m sick.

I can see the appeal of having me get all souped up on Nyquil and then taking on the third hour of the broadcast, but I’d rather be asleep.

If you want to do it, and promise to remain absolutely silent on the existence of C. Brown, let me know and I’ll give you guest access to WITW. I’ve never offered this before, so you can tell the drugs are already working.



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3 responses to “live blogging, grammies edition 2013

  1. If CBS broadcasts the Grammies but WITW doesn’t liveblog them, did they really happen?

  2. Ah, suck. I come to WITW for some good hot Grammy action, and now what am I supposed to do..

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