more evidence

In dispatches from the “more evidence I’m the husband in our imaginary, gender-normative, internet relationship” front: I can’t substantiate my claim that the former iteration of this blog (what’s the rumpus) existed by the fall of 2003. Having gone through my (poorly imported) archives here, and using the Internet Wayback machine, the oldest post I can find is from December 26th, 2004. But as early as August, 2007, I noted this post was the “oldest remaining” which I know means I was sure older posts were made.

So, I’m the husband that can’t remember my blog’s anniversary.

I need a ruling: do I stick with my human memory, that WITW (nee Rumpus), was created on or around December 1, 2003, or do I stick with the digital record? WHEN HAZ CAKE?



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  1. MGibson

    Full on birthday month. Satisfy both memories.

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