if only chuck norris could hold a tune

In April, I wrote a piece about the state of campaign music during the Republican primary season. The field was then characterized by a rogue’s gallery of jingle performers, ranging from kooky Rick Santorum supporters “First Love” (beautiful teen girls singing: “There will be Justice for the Unborn/Factories back on our Shores/ Where the Constitution rules our land/Yes, I Believe… Rick Santorum is our Man!”), to the even loonier set of citizen tunesmiths posting original songs and videos on the Ron Paul campaign site.

In that and my following two posts, I neglected to mention the “McCain Girls” who sang “Raining McCain,” and the Eminem parody, “Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up.”

Of course, the Internet’s inevitability machine served up a “Gangnam Style” remix, this one with Romney (and high production values):

If you watched TV yesterday, or follow the Twitter account of at least one news junkie, you know the presidential candidates trotted out their best Pop Music friends in these last days of the campaign. “Under the Dashboard Lights” crooner MeatLoaf joined John Rich and Randy Owen at an evening rally in Defiance, Ohio. MeatLoaf was caught on camera singing “God Bless America” off-pitch and in an exaggerated gospel swoon. Covered in sweat and hanging on Romney like a James Brown cape, Romney looked like the sober driver at a fraternity initiation party.

For their part, the Dems offered up rock superstar Bruce Springsteen, who spent Monday on the campaign trail (and on Air Force One) with Obama, starting at an event in Madison, Wisconsin, then to Columbus, Ohio and finally to Des Moines, Iowa. In Ohio, Springsteen and Obama were joined onstage by rap impresario Jay Z, who performed a rendition of his hit song “99 Problems,” substituting Romney’s first name for the word “bitch” in the chorus. Of Jay Z and Springsteen, Obama is quoted as saying, “They tell the story of what our country is, but also of what it should be and what it can be.”

Monday was a great night for beleaguered New Jersey governor Chris Christie, when Obama put Springsteen on the phone. The President and the governor were on the phone strategizing disaster relief, when Obama handed the phone to Bruce. Christie claims he has been to more than 100 Springsteen concerts, but it seems it took his blooming “bromance” to get time with the state’s biggest star.

Its unlikely the night will yield any interesting music-related news, but I’ll keep my eyes (and ears) peeled.


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