women & publishing, sociology edition

Neal Caren does sociologists a great favor in gathering and analyzing data on rates of women publishing in the top sociology journals (since 2008). Here’s his main finding, but do read the post [updated to reflect updates in Neal’s post]:

Overall, 14% of names can’t be easily categorized. Of those that can be categorized, 45% are female names and 55% are male names. [Update: 53% of ASA members are female.] Journals dealing explicitly with gender issues have the highest proportion of female authorship, while methods and theory journals have the highest concentration of male authors. All four of the top general interest research journals have lower rates of female authorship than the population as a whole, but there is significant variation within the group, ranging from AJS with 35% of female authors to 43% for Social Problems. In contrast, the lower visibility general interest journals, such as Sociological Perspective and Sociological Inquiry, all have higher rates of female participation.


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  1. I neglected to cite Philip Cohen’s post on gender segregation and section membership from last year. The post and the comments have a lively discussion about the possible mechanisms involved:

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