damned lies

There’s no such thing as “International Book Week,” but feel free to find that quote on page 52.

Between senior theses and graduate students, I give an awful lot of advice about how to generate “puzzles” and “ideas.” My best bit includes a recommendation that you do at least 10 minutes of brainstorming WRITING every day. Writers write.

I don’t care if Chris Brown got a neck tattoo of a beaten Rihanna, because I already have all the evidence I need to boycott him.

This week I hope you’ll have voter registration all sewed up. There are lots of easy ways to get registered, even for those who are getting f*cked in your a$$holes by lawmakers…that is, those of you who live in voter suppression states (you can especially go here).

What else? Paul Thomas Anderson has a new movie, which may be a fictionalized account of the most interesting religion in America.



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