vacation blogging

WITW readers may be concerned: “where is she?” they ask. “What is she doing?” “Why hath she forsaken us?”
Like Jesus, I’ve been in the wilderness. In addition to a bunch of work projects, I’m guest blogging at Org Theory with my colleagues Steven Tepper and Danielle Lindemann. We’re sharing our work on the Strategic National Arts Alumni Project (SNAAP).

My first post (written under my name alone), Damnant quodnon intelligunt, focuses on the overlap between the sciences and humanities. I argue that arts training and excellence depends, in part, on having a command of various maths and scientific disciplines. I hoped to stem the tide of idiotic comments on the stupidity of arts students (and smarts of the scientists) and largely failed.

Our second post, Unhappy Robots, focuses on the role of debt and income on the career satisfaction of arts graduates.

More to come on Org Theory and I’m nearly done with the summer’s writing projects. This should  free me up for more WITWing. Including this video of a clam that I think you’ll love.


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