pop into world

I am spending a few days cleaning and recoding data–a task I really enjoy (even if I would rather have, in this instance, had the person who was paid 2 months salary to do the work to have actually done it correctly and completely). And I need music for pace, focus, and physical activity (hey–you haven’t lived until you’ve danced in a desk chair). The easiest solution? Top 100 tracks on Spotify.

I’m at the halfway point, more or less, and here are my quick observations:

1. After the top 5 or 10, everything else is a nearly exact copy of an existing song.

2. Our Top 100 are mostly disco. A very small amount of rock. A smaller amount of rap and country. One Christian song, which might have been the result of a hand spasm on my part.

3. In contrast to pop music of the past, where allusion to drug and alcohol use was common but explicit references rare, we now have singers that just write, “I’m going to get drunk until I puke” and “I’m gonna smoke weed because I’m young and stupid.”

4. Nickleback just sucks. Which was sort of the point of both Chuck Klosterman and Drew Millard’s point, and both of them did a double-concert review.

5. All this time, I have been confusing Jessie J’s “Domino” with Katy Perry’s “Fireworks.” This is not my fault.

6. Although I wildly dislike the lyrics, I love that Tyga beat (“Rack City”) and I really appreciate the arrangement and the flow. Why say “bitch” so much, bro?


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