Data alert

News arrives of data–Barnard College library has received a donation of over 100 ‘zines collected by Chris Baty (who collected them while doing research for a Master’s Thesis at the University of Chicago). Looks like an especially rich collection for folks doing research on feminism, sex, sexual identity, and pop culture. The library collection list:

Danzine – a compilation zine about sex work, with pieces ranging from the political to the personal.

Bamboo Girl – a compilation zine about Asian and Pacific Islander Americans as well as immigrants, discussing racism, being queer, and life in NYC.

First issues of Bitch Magazine – did you know that the popular feminist pop culture magazine Bitch started out as a zine? Check out where they’ve come from at the zine library and where they’ve gone at their blog.

Blue Stocking zines – popular activist independent bookstore, Bluestockings, also has an early zine for your careful perusal; when you’re not lusting after their books, check out the zine!

Gerbil zine – a zine about queer culture from all it’s different angles – love it!

Milepost One Eleven – a book of original comics by Barrie Lynn!

Restaurant Fuel – a menu-style compilation zine about geek and punk culture.

To-Do List – a zine devoted to to-do lists and writing that reflects the daily life aspect of to-do lists.

Virago – a feminist perzine that takes its rightful place as the ultimate alternative to Seventeen magazine.


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