Do we have a concept yet for a business that sucks and would quickly go bankrupt, were they not supporting themselves by selling Groupons and the like, producing a stream of one-time visitors? Is there no way to stop this firehose of mediocrity?

[NYers: Do not patronize “Passions Aveda Salon” on Broadway between 82 and 83 st.]



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8 responses to “Neologism

  1. When I lived in New York (in the pre-groupon era), I felt that many, many of the businesses operated on the model that one-time drop-in customers was all they needed. Why have good products or provide great services? There will always be another sucker walking in the door.

    • Jenn Lena

      Fair enough. I guess I’d be inclined to agree there might be no groupon effect in tourist neighborhoods. But primarily residential ones? Anyway, we can speculate but I think some whip smart econ/orgs person should take a systematic look and, at the very least, give me a little pun-tastic term to use.

  2. were all they needed

  3. TK

    Do we have a concept yet for a (nearly) always savvy blogger who doesn’t check Yelp before walking into a salon? Really, take a look. Sounds like a real nightmare.

  4. Jenn Lena

    @TK and what is the concept for a commenter who rings in only to suggest a suffering person should feel (more) responsible for their own suffering?

    P.S. You know one of those Yelp reviews was written by me, right?

  5. TK

    All apologies, not my intent to increase misery, just to inject a little levity into what sounds like a genuine nightmare. I looked at Yelp again…and there you are. Call me “Commenter-who-doesn’t-read-names-of-posters-on-Yelp.”

  6. cwalken

    Your head is made of hair?

    And you decided to top that weirdness off with an asshat?


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