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4 responses to “cover

  1. Paul-Brian

    I wonder what Dolly Parton thinks of so many people using her song to eulogize Whitney Houston.

  2. Jenn Lena

    I would expect something like “chagrin” considering that she “stands to make millions” from it.

  3. Im so tired of hearin about whitney houston.. Let dat woman rest in peace despite that she died like a fiend..

  4. katy b

    I don’t think it’s that simple. The song is an integral part of her own musical life and very personal to her. She had major country hits in early seventies and eighties with it. From back in 70s performing the song has been a special moment with her fans at the end of her concerts. When she was much poorer, she wasn’ willing to give 50% of copyrights over to Elvis in early 70s just to get rich quick. She had become a multi millionaire and developed her businesses etc before Whitney’s version. She has had different songs covered by hundreds from Cash to N.Jones, S.Twain etc. She made 35million alone from her own 49 stop world tour last year. Her own album last year was UK 1 country and top ten all charts UK, Australia ec. I think Dolly feels what she’s always felt, humbled by other people doing her songs, grateful that she has been able to invest wisely and give back through her charities,hospitals, imagination library now all over USA, in UK and Australia. She has always thanked Whitney for her rendition and what it brought. She will continue to do so and to give back. She respects money and knows what it is to be poor and hungry. She has a very spiritual way and will continue to do what she’s always done, work, continue to create and write new material, give her time generously and make sure that many benefit. The people making cheap profit from all this, are the gutter media and other sources who love to stir up trouble and are just vampires on people’s emotions. Notice that Dolly Parton is not walking into that trap, and neither are Whitney’s family and true friends. So I think intelligence and common sense will prevail after emotions have settled.

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