Guest blogging at Culture Digitally

The very kind and interesting band of scholars at Culture Digitally have offered me the opportunity to write a few posts about my interests. The first, “Top of the pops,” is up now for your reading and commenting pleasure. In the future, I may post the same material on this blog but I wanted to save Gabriel the discomfort of reading another post here about how pop isn’t a musical genre.

I hope you’ll read along with me for the next month or so; longer if you’re so inclined. I know a few of the people over there personally and would really recommend you get to know them too–thinking especially of the wildly smart and funny Gina Neff, and the wickedly brilliant Fred Turner. The blog makes for interesting reading, even without the personal connection. It is supported by an NSF grant, and part of its purpose is to draw together scholars and others who are interested in cultural production and information technologies. A quick glance at the contributors reveals that they hail from Communications, Media Studies, STS and Anthropology, as well as Sociology. My recent post displaced an interesting piece on the video game industry, and below that you’ll find an interesting discussion of the consequences of Ladies Home Journal (a leading fashion magazine) shifting toward using lay contributors to fill their pages. My guess is that you’ll find something there that interests you.


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