Yo, Is This Racist author Andrew keeps a running list of “List of Shit You Dummies Think I Have an Opinion On” (see a nice example here). On that list: ninjas, Harry Potter, The Lion King, and Star Trek. As the little elves ceaselessly seek to carve out new intellectual territory over here at WITW, they’ve told me I should offer up my own list. Herewith:

Things I Have Opinions About That I Can Translate Into Pithy Remarks, Op Ed columns, Interview answers, and the like:

  1. Madonna and her Superbowl performance, most especially her use of Legions and Cheerleaders and other gaggles and groups as visual representations of how she thinks about markets and music.
  2. M.I.A. and the “outrage” surrounding her Superbowl performance, with weak connections made to Janet Jackson, and stronger ones to 2 Live Crew, Marilyn Manson, and Elvis Presley.
  3. Lana Del Rey, authenticity, group membership and particularly the ways in which she’s just like Green Day.
  4. The Grammys and why I think their “Best New Artist” category is contemptuous.
  5. As I think I have already demonstrated, I have “ideas” about Jay-Z’s song for his daughter, and related ideas about why we don’t have more kid-oriented rap.
  6. On how talent shows will irrevocably change the careers of the winners, such that they will no longer be able to make music that fits in any genre, and will be constrained to live or die by pop.

That’s good for now. We’re just getting rolling over here. Tell me if I have opinions on other things, and just forgot to mention them.

ALSO: Anyone want to liveblog the Grammy’s this year? I’ve just realized I’m at a work dinner in Bloomington, Indiana. I’ll live blog my DVR sometime next week, but it seems a shame to leave WITW dormant on the big night. Just ping me, and send your best pithy description of the last Glee episode you saw and/or your anticipation of what Chris Brown will wear for his performance “in appreciation of electronic music and dance.”



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