It has come to this.

Having just realized that WITW has become an internet portal for people interested in seeing what the Duchess of Alba looked like when she was a young(er) woman*, I am called to action.

The blog isn’t, and never has been, a democratic instrument, nor is it even a means by which to connect with some kind of “audience” unless you mean by “audience” something akin to “passersby” or “people that stumbled into your dorm room late at night.” However, this time of year I have a little more space carved out for the big thinking, or the littlest thinking, and some of that can be devoted to addressing your burning questions of interest. Which is to ask:

Is there something you’d like me to write about?

I’ll delete all your dirty and mean suggestions, but you’re welcome to put suggestions of all types in the comments box. The truth is that I’m often surprised that you’re interested in my opinion at all, which suggests to me that you and I have a little miscommunication, so it probably makes sense to be as direct with one another as possible, as would be accomplished, for example, by a simple question and answer period.

Please don’t make me regret asking. As it is, this makes me a little sick to my stomach. On the other hand, maybe this is another episode of “No, no, I’m the assh*le” (a joke which only one person will understand, and she can’t even read WITW because of Yemeni censors)…and you’ve been waiting since 2003 for me to ask for your opinion on the issue.** If that’s you: I’m sorry. But you could have just said something.

Herewith…the comments section:

* I am leaving aside, for obvious reasons, the large number of you interested in “tight baggy jeans” and “beavers.” Shame on both groups.

** Technically, the blog was located at a different URL and had a different name in 2003, but it was the same thing in every other way.



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3 responses to “It has come to this.

  1. I’d like to read more reviews of new albums and tracks. And yes, those include reviews of the music you hate. I love that stuff. Basically, I’d like more negativity from this blog.

    Please don’t delete this.

  2. Jenn Lena

    One of the things I hate are emoticons. If I didn’t, I’d put one after your comment.

  3. I’d like you to write about:
    1) how and why recommendation engines seem to get suckier over time using them – what’s with the degradation of predictive power, the more it knows what you like/are listening to/are buying? How could Netflix imagine that I’d want to watch Apollo 13, much less that it’d be a top 10 for me?

    2) Pushback by content producers in the technological transformation of cultural product delivery. E.g., How is it that a mass paperback like David McCullough’s The Great Bridge, from 1983, is available for $.35 as a used paperback, but is $15 on a kindle? How is it $18 to ‘buy’ Mean Girls on AppleTV?

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