Helping those who help themselves.

You might have been concerned that Rebecca Black didn’t have a second act. Worry no more.





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4 responses to “Helping those who help themselves.

  1. Check out the Bieber hair on the male love interest kid. on a related subject, Contexts has a certain article up for which you were the muse, though i think it’s pretty much obligatory that i can’t blog it until Friday.

  2. BH

    Please. Of course there is a 2nd act. (She hasn’t even been to rehab yet!) Like gabrielrossman, I’m more troubled by Bieber hair: What will happen to these poor twinks when they grow up? I see a legion of grizzled David Spades stretching as far as the eye can see.

  3. I wonder where that kid goes after the lights go out? I think I’m troubled by the whole use of the crime scene, chalk outlines of hearts…And oh, how this makes me miss having you around these parts.

  4. Jenn Lena

    Speaking for those of us who successfully left our 80s-era mullets, blow outs, fades and etc. behind, I’ve got no concerns about the Bieber imitators and their hair futures. Color me optimistic.
    @Katherine: Given the ages (or depicted ages) of the singer and her love interest and friends, I’m disturbed by the “crime” images, too. Hard to see this in the age of the Penn State revelations and not take a deep breath.

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