Music club #3

In an effort to keep things rolling (and since #2 was harder than I realized), I offer Music Club #3. Inspired by Philip Glass’s Koyaanisqatsi, the theme of this episode is “Good songs made great with images.” I’m intentionally not writing “movie soundtrack songs” or “advertising jingles” because I’m really curious about the larger category–what songs are better when matched with the right images? Put your submissions in the comments, and remember:

Everyone that plays, wins.

Here’s the trailer for Koyaanisquatsi:



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18 responses to “Music club #3

  1. Jerry Maguire, Free Falling. Something about the perfect juxtaposition of the character’s mood, how opposite the song lyrics are to that mood, and how badly he’s getting screwed at exactly the moment when he thinks he’s finally ok. I think this is kind of brilliant.

  2. I love the song My Girls by Animal Collective, but what drove me into hyper-love of this song was this unofficial video, which takes images of moving landscapes and people experiencing their world from three different documentaries and sets them against the ethereal sounds of the Collective. The images made me appreciate to a greater degree the richness and the simple message of the song.

    • Jenn Lena

      The phonetic text threw me off, until I learned to ignore it. Then I see it does much the same thing as the example I posted, and it is great.

  3. On the subject of minimalism, I can name music that is diminished by appearing with a set of images. A mutual friend of ours told me that he saw Peter Sellars get booed at a performance of El Nino in reaction to his rather heavy-handed film that accompanied it. I saw it after that and there was no film so they must have learned from this experience.

    My all-time favorite pairing of images and music is “Rhapsody in Blue” set to the opening sequence to Manhattan.

    Continuing with Peter’s Tom Cruise theme, another great one is the use of the Aimee Mann songs in Magnolia.

  4. Paul-Brian

    I really like Go Outside by Cults, but the extended video with clips from Jonestown is really excellent. The exuberance of the song really expresses what early Jonestown settlers must have felt as they were creating their paradise. It also provides a great juxtaposition for their impending fate:

    In a completely different genre, the video for Unsane’s Scrape really enhances the brutality of the song, and not just because several of my friends have the unfortunate luck of appearing in it.

    (Sorry for the links. I can never get videos to embed properly.)

  5. This is a bit subtle, but the closing scene of Michael Clayton is amazing.

    Here is the scene in Miller’s Crossing when Leo shows why is the heavy.

    How about a Spike Jonze video for no particularly reason

  6. Jenn Lena

    I’m going to go ahead and ask about some–to me, obvious–omissions:
    1. Nothing animated? No “Up”? No “under the sea?”
    2. No commercials? No Hamburgler?
    3. No musical comedies? No “Singing in the Rain?” No “Tommy?” (Ok, a “rock opera”, but still. The salsa/Latin “Hommy” is even better, IMHO.)

  7. kimd

    Anything from The Point! by the brilliant Harry Nilsson, such as:

  8. Jenn Lena

    Actually, it sort of reminds me of Sigur Ros’s Gobbledigook, which is a good entry, too:

  9. true. and they both have icelandic connections (the washed out video was filmed there). cathartic place….

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