when cranky is beautiful

Two quick bits I wish I had more time to consider.

1. Stephin Merritt is releasing new music (well, new to us, old to him) and you can listen to a bit of it here. Specifically, a bit of a science fiction opera he co-wrote with Daniel Handler. Merritt suggests it replace “Book of Love” in your nuptial ipod playlist.

2. A FB post keyed me in to my new favorite tumblr: nehru jackets penned by himanshu k suri of das racist. Got 8 pages in before I took my first break. My first favorite bit (later replaced by a hundred other favorite bits, so as to resist favoriting and leaving me stranded on the shoals of “it’s all so great. here’s one reason why”) is:

Anonymous asked: It’s cute when you take your Wesleyan undergrad theories of racial politics class speeches into the real world, but you do know you’re embarrassing yourself, right? Now that China is the new colonialists in Africa, in 20 or 30 years, is racism towards Chinese people going to be acceptable?

its cute when you take a times article you read three years ago and bring it up here now like i aint read that shit too dunny.

By the way, I can already feel a new voice emerging. I’m going to shake off this Southern and leave it in a lard can by the back porch.

Oh, one half bit: Amazon offered a $1 download of Lady Gaga’s new album today, and the bastard won’t load. Cost of volume discount = paying for nothing.


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