Nashville Rises

Last year, at the start of May, Nashville (and I) survived a 1000 year flood. There’s a newly released documentary, Nashville Rises, that captures some of the images and experiences from that flood. My only wish is that the endeavors of our classical music community, to save their instruments and new venue, were included in the main storyline–about how “music city” survived.

The movie captures my observations well–folks just put on their wellies on Monday morning and walked the streets, looking for a chance to help. They did the same on Tuesday.



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2 responses to “Nashville Rises

  1. I agree. Every time someone said, “The country music community really knows how to pull together,” I felt mildly irritated. I think it could have covered more neighborhoods outside of downtown, music row, and Harpeth. Also, it seems like uncovering how some folks– those with the fewest resources– are still struggling to get help/move home would have been a good opportunity.

  2. Jenn Lena

    Yeah, this critique actually reveals the civic boosterism that is a dominant theme in the film. I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the Mayor’s office, the Chamber of Commerce, etc. financially supported the film. That said, nothing I saw was a distortion of events, just a really partial view of them.

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