Dress for the job you want

This “Writer’s Workshop Top” had me laughing all morning long:

You’re a little nervous about your first-ever critique – but you know that you’ve written a great story. You’re ready for some strong constructive criticism, and you know that you look casually chic in this fabulous cotton top. Its heather grey hue, stripes at the V-neck, and striped lining at the pockets are mellow materials for the garment’s construction of rolled, tabbed sleeves, a button-down front, and slight flare at the empire waist. As you sit at the workshop table in your new top, slim-fitting onyx trousers, and suede Oxfords, the waver in your voice disappears by the time you open your mouth to read a sample paragraph, feeling confident in both your submitted piece and in your excellent ensemble!

Sadly, Ms. 38D is hoping she can lose a few pounds so it won’t fit as snug. This violates the psirit of the top, IMHO.



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2 responses to “Dress for the job you want

  1. This suggests further fun in looking at clothing that isn’t currently described situationally and trying to come up w comparable descriptions. The American Apparel catalog alone could provide hours of entertainment along these lines. Also I can’t find it now, but the Banana Republic catalog from last fall might as well have been called “The Liz Lemon Collection.”

  2. Jenn Lena

    I totally agree. If I get my wits about me, I’ll start a series.

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