beauty myth

In honor of the Duchess of Alba’s 85th birthday, I offer this side-by-side. Alba today, and Alba as a young woman.


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15 responses to “beauty myth

  1. Rin

    Happy Birthday your grace my the gods bless you always.

  2. Anonymous

    what a difference.
    I think there is such a thing as too much surgery …

  3. Frederick von Ebert

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  4. Lesley Watson

    A lesson for all the crazy women who think plastic surgery is the answer to everything.

  5. Anonymous

    She apparently did not age very well

  6. Carolyn

    She should have forbade any photos after the beauty on the left.

  7. Filou

    Vive la chirurgie esthétique
    Quelle horreur

  8. Marianne

    Good God, what happened??

  9. Anonymous

    She was beautiful , plastic surgery did it!

  10. Resti peace. God bless Spain and God bless humankind.You were blessed with beauty both in appearance and in heart. Though I don’t know you I know the your creater knows you very well and has received you as such. Rest well

    • Anonymous

      When we learn to look from they inside , then every thing we see Will be beautifil . Rest in peace one of the people i most admire in the world..

  11. Anonymous

    O tempo passa para todos. Rei ou plebeu se tiver sorte de envelhecer!!!
    Porque Deus é justo e o único Rei de verdade que todos os mortais deviam curvar-se. O resto, bem o resto é
    ilusão e com o mesmo fim.

  12. Irma

    Era muy Bella al natural — después de sus sabe cuántas cirugías, quedó con cara de simio la pobrecita. Que lastima

  13. mary hightower

    Happy happy birthday. Your still as beautiful as your younger picture… be happy, be safe and live life to your fullest.. mary

  14. Pauline C.

    What the hell happened

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