this is what democracy looks like.

At present, it seems like I will be voting against the proposed ASA dues increase.

While I am in favor of progressive taxation, the recent expose of ASA finances has already got me feeling that we pay more (than members of other, similar organizations) and get less value from it.

Add to that the fact that the rationalization of the dues increase does not account for its consequences, and IMHO will not accomplish its stipulated goal. The unaccounted for consequence is an overall hike in the ASA revenue (an amount Jeremy estimates will range between 10-20%), and this is neither acknowledged nor is the need for it explained in the recent Footnotes. Furthermore, the dues increase will not accomplish its goal of creating more equitable dues, since the cost of membership will rise for all groups (save those reporting incomes below 20K), and for most of them, the increase is in the double digits.

The above are my “good” reasons. Add to those this: I hate being treated like I can’t reason things out and decide what is in my best interest. The apparent black boxing of the consequences of this dues hike is reason enough to vote no.

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