making stock prices more interesting to look at.

I’ve been fascinated by data visualization lately, with little time to devote to the subject. But I just ran across a great post that illustrates the potential of innovating new representational strategies on long-standing data of interest (that is: the data has been interesting to us for some time, but we can imagine new ways to depict it). For example:



Is a landscape representation of this graph:

More of this sort of thing at MissMoss.



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2 responses to “making stock prices more interesting to look at.

  1. Hmm, I think the first graph is prettier but I think it actually tells the story worse. The lively colors and mountainous landscape are too distracting. If your goal is to make aesthetically pleasing pictures from data, then sure, the first graph works well. But if you’re just looking for a clean way to represent the data then I think it’s horrible.

  2. Jenn Lena

    I wait for the day you and I will disagree Brayden. But that day is not today. The data visualization idea I’ve heard (and perhaps it exists and I cannot find it) that was most compelling was the customization of one’s stock portfolio using a dynamic landscape chosen by the user. A beach or sailing fanatic could select a choppier sea to reflect price volatility, or the arc of the sun across the landscape to mark the market’s day cycle. This idea makes the data essentially non-representational (that is, the X and Y axis are in no way grafted onto the landscape). The data representation thus becomes more intuitive or native to the user, can–in a simple fashion–report the results quite complex or multivariate analyses, and might be more enjoyable to observe.

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