My first CD is released for sale! Buy it now! Amazon! iTunes!

Sure, it’s true that you don’t see my name on the CD. Not on the outside. But on the inside you’d see that I wrote the grant (with the wonderful Jonathan Neufeld, my partner in this) that provided the cornerstone funding for “Hilos.” And it was the original composition of “Hilos,” and ALIAS Chamber Ensemble’s debut performance of it that attracted Naxos. That, and the fact that composer Gabi Lena Frank won a Guggenheim this year, a Latin Grammy last year, and is considered a rising star in the world of contemporary classical music. So, Naxos agreed to release an album of Gabi’s works with “Hilos” on it.

We were surprised and delighted to find that Naxos put the CD on the cover of their Spring guide. While I personally feel that “unveiling…threads” is a mixed metaphor, who cares? We’re on the cover!

If you went and bought just one CD, just one, I’d be forever grateful. Maybe you’re not a classical music lover, but grandma is. So buy Grandma a CD! Don’t you love your grandma? Probably you know someone Peruvian…so buy them a CD!

Seriously, the exponential growth of rewards kicks in at a low threshold in classical music–just selling a few hundred CDs could put us on the Billboard charts, and a position on the Billboard charts could put us into Grammy contention. Futhermore, getting any kind of award or attention will do a great deal of good, not only for the people directly involved, but for all the young boys and girls (especially boys and girls of color) who dream of being composers and struggle to find a mentor. Gabi is that, those kids exist, and a small expense of time and money (BUY THE CD!) can help.


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