Ticket archives

I’m cleaning out junk and came across a bundle of ticket receipts. I doubt this is comprehensive–there’s almost certainly some missing ones from the 1993-5 years–and I’m taking out all Opera, Classical, Broadway musicals, etc. But as one person’s life in pop music, it’s pretty revealing.

Billy Joel. June 1990. RI.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash June 1992. MA

Santana July 1992. MA

Eric Clapton August 1992. MA

Phish April 1993. NY

Billy Joel. November 1993. Where’s the Carrier Dome? Syracuse, NY

Jerry Garcia Band. November 1993. RI

HORDE Festival August 1994. NY

Rob Schneider and Ellen Cleghorne April 1994. NY

The Band. February. NY

Crosby, Stills and Nash. August 1994. MA

Phish July 1994. MA

Phish June 1995. MA

Phish July 1995. MA

Phish December 1995. Broome County. Where’s that?

Allman Brothers Band. August 1995. MA

Allman Brothers Band with Rusted Root. August 1995. NY

REM. September 1995. PA.

Further Festival. July 1996. NJ

Kool & the Gang and the Gap Band. July 1996. NY

Ray Charles. August 1996. NY

Los Lobos. October 1996. NY

Jackopierce. October 1996. NY

Bela Fleck. March 1997. NY

Jupiter Coyote. April 1997. NY

Guinness Fleadh. June 1997. NY

The Allman Brothers Band. March 1998. NY

Phish. April 1998. NJ

Beastie Boys. November 1998. NY

Beck. January 1999. NY

Moby. September. NY

G. Love & Special Sauce. October. NY

The Strokes. November 2003. The Tabernacle? Atlanta, GA

Elvis Costello. March 2005. TN

CMA Fest. June 2005. TN

Andrew Bird with St. Vincent. October 2009. TN

Leonard Cohen. November 2009. TN

Guilty Pleasures. December 2009. TN



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5 responses to “Ticket archives

  1. mp

    FWIW, The Tabernacle is in Atlanta.

  2. Jenn Lena

    That’s right. What a beautiful space that is.

  3. Mark P.

    The carrier dome is in Syracuse, NY. (The young musician in me recognized that as a Northeast high school marching band competition destination…)

  4. martin

    [one letter is missin* from my keyboard] The concert ticket list provides an interestin* insi*ht into your musical taste. It’s a *reat feelin* comin* across all these old thin*s and seein* them in a row isn’t it? It’s a taste palet on paper. I did the same thin* a couple of years a*o with all postcards ever received from friends. And that’s a social network on paper – a ‘facebox’.

  5. Jenn Lena

    It is and it isn’t indicative of my musical taste. A great majority of these concerts took place during periods when I had little access to other sorts of music (not too many folks gigged in upstate NY when I was living there, 1992-1996), AND my musical tastes have changed and broadened since then. For example, I probably haven’t listened to a Phish song since 1997. I listen to a lot of music by dead folks whom I couldn’t see in concert, and a lot of pop music where I can’t afford the ticket or can’t be bothered with the crowds. So, it says something about the practical realities of enacting my tastes, but doesn’t capture my tastes particularly well, despite what I wrote above.

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