One reason dad ignores the internet

Is how twinkley cute every link has become. Links don’t look like links anymore among the brand-conscious set and high quality graphics don’t necessarily mean up-to-date or useful information lies within. Witness Mike Lacher’s take on websites for high-end restaurants, and how hard it is to get what you came for: a menu.


HEY HEY HEY! Watch this slide show! LOOK! We have modern chairs and minimalist light fixtures!! LOOK! It’s an orchid floating in a pool at sunset! Want to hear some DANCE MUSIC???? Mute it any time you like! Just click the animated parakeet flying around the screen! You want to get into the site??? Just click the smallest fork!!! DANCE MUSIC!!!!!



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3 responses to “One reason dad ignores the internet

  1. and this:

    When we have clients who are thinking about Flash
    splash pages, we tell them to go to their local supermarket and
    bring a mime with them. Have the mime stand in front of the
    supermarket, and, as each customer tries to enter, do a little
    show that lasts two minutes, welcoming them to the supermarket
    and trying to explain the bread is on aisle six and milk is on
    sale today.
    Then stand back and count how many people watch the mime, how
    many people get past the mime as quickly as possible, and how
    many people punch the mime out.
    That should give you a good idea as to how well their splash
    page will be received. That’s the crux of it.

  2. Jenn Lena

    Me? I’d just beat the mime up on sight. Mimes and clowns, stay far, far away.

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