street crud

With what I can only assume was a Wendy’s (TM) training video, the fast food corporation demonstrates in just 2.5 minutes why employee dissatisfaction is so high in working class jobs. Not only does the music and bevy of ethnic faces pander to its audience but surely there are more efficient and effective ways to train employees on food delivery standards. The tune isn’t catchy, the lyrics don’t make sense and aren’t memorable, but I most object to the depiction of new employees as middle class aspirational and with a street sensibility. I reject the notion that Wendy’s employees envisioned themselves being promoted into a two-car garage ranch home (even in the 1980s, when it was arguably more possible), or that they  felt an ethno-racial/class/musical affinity to company leadership because the training video is a fucking rap. This is a massive organizational fail. It would be funnier if I weren’t so offended.


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