dear blogos, merry, happy, pt.1

In the spirit of this secular, gift-giving time of year (ahem), I thought I’d give a few gifts myself, to my fellow bloggers.

This first goes out to the man consistently ranked first in very small polls conducted by anonymously written sociology blogs, now defunct (except for posting music videos): Total Drek. It comes from a delightful website, Christian Nightmares, which he can enjoy all year round. The gift that keeps on giving. (The backup plan is Fake Science.)

For his hard work criticizing those who ignore the role of power and criminal acts in the year’s economic downturn, the next one goes out to Peter Levin. I just know he’ll love his next Hatecation.

I give this baklava cupcake to Skinny Gourmet, who maybe should consider expanding her empire in 2011, and competing with Bake It In A Cake. I’m thinking Nashville offers all manner of foodstuffs, not yet baked in cakes.

Then dear, dear Tina deserves something for dancing to the beat of her own drummer, with style and grace. How about Dancing Alone to Pony?

[I know many of you were left out of the party. Your number is up soon–I’m just shopping for the perfect thing.]



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5 responses to “dear blogos, merry, happy, pt.1

  1. Oh! My! Golly Gosh! A sexy dance, for me? I don’t know what to say. You rock the party, except, you know, in not just rock but lots of genres. Thank you!

  2. Peter

    Yay carnage! Im’a think of something toasty and tasty for you too, Jenn!

  3. Jenn Lena

    Tina: The real joy lies in the collection of solo dances, so I hope you check out that link.
    Peter: How did you know? This is perfect. I love it.

  4. i think i’m gonna go easy on myself this year and just give this to everyone i know

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