Astonishment on a Wed afternoon

Two amazing things.

First, my twitterati have gone through phase after phase of fascination with the auto-complete text fill-ins on their phone. But what if you sought to fill in the U.S. states names using the function? Here’s what you’d get (h/t kottke):

Poor Montana Fisburne. Just starting her porn career and now she’s got to maintain a long border with Canada. You’ll notice the obvious patterns: schools and sports teams.

Second fascinating thing? ASA journals apparently made a $1.4 million PROFIT in 2008 from member dues, publications (and authors paying to have their pieces reviewed, printed and sent to them), and selling our mailing addresses to marketers. Aren’t we a non-profit organization? And why isn’t this information regularly distributed to the organization’s members? Wikileaks, indeed.


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One response to “Astonishment on a Wed afternoon

  1. taxmaster

    At first glance, there would seem to be very little that distinguishes ASA’s 990 from a thousand similar organizations. I know I won’t let that spoil my fun. If anyone can beat the finals week curse to produce a monster post, it is that guy.

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