Stripped, naked

It’s not clear to me what memes y’all catch, or when. Just in case you don’t know, music folks are loving the youtube videos that strip out famous songs by track. The first I heard of this is the series of audio-videos that isolate the tracks from the Rolling Stone’s “Gimme Shelter.”

Here’s the audio, with the marvelous, genius Merry Clayton:

And Keith Richards’s rhythm guitar (which has more funky amazingness in it than most first guitars):

A few of the other tracks (second guitar, piano, bass) have been removed by MTV/Viacom for copyright infringement.

That same week (last week? they blur) I read the New Yorker piece about Keith Moon’s drumming with the Who, in which the author recommends several isolated Moon tracks/videos, including this one from “Who Are You” (don’t expect the video to synch with the audio–they’re not connected):

One of the interesting things about this rise of interest in single instrument tracks is that it is a form of listening that more closely resembles the production process. In many genres, artists don’t enter the studio together, but record their parts independently, listening to the pre-recorded mix on headphones. The different audio experience that results is striking in these two cases: hugely familiar songs and songs with extremely deep, layered texture. But listening only to the guitar, or the drums, is no less pleasurable, despite its differences.



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3 responses to “Stripped, naked

  1. bib

    Submitted for your consideration mistress:

  2. Jenn Lena

    Meh. Not a good vocal, imho. Checked out “Enter Sandman”–a far more impressive vocal track–but still hated the imposition of the guitar between verses (and sometimes over them). In real track listening, the most you should hear is the bleed of instruments in the next track, and not a single strong instrument, or the faint echo of the whole mix (both are present in both the ACDC and Metallica youtubes.

  3. bib

    You are too nice. Submitted as the worst of the lot. You wonder how the guy can talk the day after a show. I think someone in the comments mentions “Elmo on crack.”

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