Henry Higgins, you ain’t.

Here is a promotional video for Katherine’s new book, “How to meet European men.” I frankly don’t know where to start with this. The insipid premise? The 70s porn soundtrack? The 7,000 wardrobe changes? The goddamn pink hairbow? Or what about “Dr. Frenchie” who gets promoted to a comparison with Lance Armstrong because he rides a bike (she’s “chillin’ by hers”) and to Einstein because he studies people who have heart attacks in pools? It is the death of feminism, it is. The one thing I can say in favor of it? She defines the Balkans as part of Europe.



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7 responses to “Henry Higgins, you ain’t.

  1. martin

    Jennifer, since it’s on your blog I take this is not a prank, but it has that word in capital letters written all over it. I haven’t laughed as loud on my own behind a computer for a while as I just did watching it. It’s unbelievable funny.

    Seen from the opposite side of the target audience, I’m glad I’ve met some US women before in real life – after seeing this, you wouldn’t want to for some time. But then again, there’s probably many more European men who also find this hilarious – adding at least one merit to the book.

    I like the genre of dodgy and hastily compiled ‘how to’-books full of generalizations and impractical advice by the way. I’d love to flip through this example as well. And, of course, through its companion volume ‘How to meet American women’. I can recommend Colin White & Laurie Boucke’s ‘The undutchables’ in this vein – on how to understand the Dutch. It’s pretty accurate.

  2. Jenn Lena

    I can’t believe I missed the episode on clubbing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohwmOUFN-Ko.

  3. Jenn Lena

    Martin: these folks say she’s real: http://crushable.com/other-stuff/single-guide-to-meeting-european-men-lady-is-real-giving-interviews/

    And it is on sale at Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/Single-Girls-Guide-Meeting-European/dp/1608320588

    For Kieran, a bit excerpted within the review: “For example, it’s preferable to wear short skirts in Irish Pubs. Irish guys think that women who wear jeans and sweaters are not interested in meeting men.” ROTFL.

  4. Kieran

    Hey, I’m just happy Ireland qualified as part of Europe.

  5. rocco

    There is something about this that just makes me feel good. A star is born.

  6. If this book wasn’t self-published, I’d like to meet its editor.

  7. Jenn Lena

    Published by Greenleaf Group Press: “A Publisher and Distributor Dedicated to Independent Authors and Small Presses.”

    “Greenleaf accepts a small percentage of the submissions we receive. We find the most promising independent authors and small presses, and then we help them reach their goals and become profitable. We are not interested in playing the lottery with our title list, hoping one hit can compensate for multiple failures, or in working with a high volume of low-producing, short-term projects. Rather, we guide our clients to two basic objectives: multiple print runs and additional titles.”

    It isn’t clear if she delivered a completed text and used only the distribution arm of the Press, or if one of the editors helped her out. They’re all listed here (http://www.greenleafbookgroup.com/OurStaff) if you want to find the potentially guilty parties. I think the jacket design staff should be sliced to death by papercut, FWIW.

    I would also recommend that if you haven’t already looked at the Amazon reviews, you head over there (link in my comment, above). There’s some really funny, recent additions.

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