Where’s the bleep?

It’s good to see someone get called out, and for good reasons.

From Roger Ebert’s journal:

This is a remarkable piece of video. It’s one of those cable news packages where a “panel” is convened to discuss a controversy. They gather a GOP strategist, the former Republican senator from New York, a conservative columnist, liberal lawyer, a and the cable host.

They all agree about privatizing the Post Office.

But then both the Senator and the lawyer are struck by something the GOP strategist says. They call him out on it. He tries to talk his way around it. They don’t let him. And then Al D’Amato, calls him what he is: A racist bullshitter.



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4 responses to “Where’s the bleep?

  1. mp

    Thanks for that! It was incredible.

  2. I found it very strange indeed. The original guy was clearly a schmuck, but none of the others seemed actually to respond to what he was saying – indeed, both the attorney and Al “It Takes a Village Idiot” D’Amato seem to think he’s being “racist” because of the “Nigerians” comment, which is not about the USPS at all but rather about taxi drivers. Meanwhile, not a single one of them addresses the original set of points about the supposed inefficiency of the post office, compared to FedEx (their private alternative), when:
    – FedEx charges $15 or more for what the USPS charges 45 cents for;
    – USPS actually already *is* the “public-private partnership” they call for at the end; and
    – the statistic presented (number of mail pieces down, price up), far from being a crazy contradiction as they suggest, is a perfectly logical relationship!

    Bottom line for me: I don’t actually see the columnist’s claim as racist so much as dimwitted, and the entire discussion misses the point.

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  4. Someone also forgot to point out that union labor comprises a substantial portion of UPS’ work force, even as it pulls in a $2B profit.

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