A few days ago, I did a flash poll on both my Twitter and Facebook profiles: Name a genre that emerged after 1998.

Despite what some commenters seemed to feel, this wasn’t for my own amusement, nor their embarrassment. I’m simply trying to wrap up the final pages of the last chapter of the book. My thought was this: new genres are less likely to be in what I’ve called their Industry-based phase. Therefore, unless I’m right in the middle of them, I’m unlikely to know they exist. I immediately realized the folly of my request, as my friends and colleagues began to name both things I wouldn’t call genres (e.g., “tweener”, which I’d call some kind of marketing category, un-genred music) or things I knew about and didn’t emerge after 1998 (e.g., crunk, screamo). Due to the laws of the social universe, my friends are unlikely to know something music-like that they haven’t shared with me.

Unlikely as it was, they did it. New stuff. Here’s the emerging list. As an old friend/s suggest/s, it’s now your turn.


Trip hop (although we could quibble it falls before the 1998 threshold)


Electronicore/Synthcore: I See Stars and Jamie’s Elsewhere are recently formed bands that are examples of this fusion.[29][31] Attack Attack! is a significantly more popular example, with their debut album, Someday Came Suddenly, setting a precedent for newer bands of the same style.[32] Sky Eats Airplane is a post-hardcore group that likewise “incorporates touches of electronica.”[33]



Unblack Metal

And no, not Schaffel. Though I love that “Personal Jesus.” All the versions.

Oh, before you go: I don’t know what genre this is, and it is NSFW, but surely it’s a thing, right?



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2 responses to “Wavemashdubscreamotrance

  1. amadeupfakename

    nerdcore rap as exemplified by MC Fronalot MC Chris, MC Lars.

    “elf-described nerdcore musician MC Frontalot coined the term in 2000 in the song “Nerdcore Hiphop.”

  2. Jenn Lena

    I will certainly accept the off-site recommendations of glo-fi/chillwave (because I already had it on the list, and folktronica. The schaffel thing is still a problem–the fact that commenters don’t get on the bus until after 1998 doesn’t make it a post-1998 genre. It just means the scene-based or industry-based phase doesn’t start until then. The emergence was still early(ier), and emergence is what I’m hunting. (See Canterbury sound for a similar example, although there the whole thing is invented.) Anyway, I’ve got enough for an afterward, if I can get this formatting done.

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