Today’s racism news

CNN reports that the Mayor of Dublin, George is set to sign an ordinance today prohibiting the wearing of saggy pants. The penalty is a fine not expected to exceed $200. This places wearing saggy, baggy pants in the same legal category as public lewdness (including masturbation and “fornication”), and public urination. Mayor Phil Best is quoted as saying that the ordinance isn’t designed to racially profile young, black men: “It’s for white, black, man, woman. The ordinance is for everyone, and I’ve seen it violated by all races and sexes.” Ah, ha. (Insert advertisement for large, New York bridge here.) Flint, MI and a city in Florida have both instated similar ordinances in past years; the Florida ban was declared unconstitutional. Yeah, if you don’t think there’s a racist intent behind this, I’m probably not going to convince you since you’re unable to process information and evaluate it rationally.

This is a good example of a news story that generates all manner of idiotic comments. In addition to the obvious “let ’em wear their pants low so they can’t run away from the cops!”, there’s a rejection of the ban because “any man that cares about the look of another man’s ass is a faggot.” In my cursory survey, this is particularly common on news sites in Chocolate Cities and in the black press. This is also idiotic.

And just to prove that our journalists are still swinging at the stars, most local news have helpfully published a rear-view shot of a young, headless, black man with sagging pants. Proving yet again that the media is better at perpetuating stereotypes and fueling hatred, than not.

So, I’ll leave you with this: first, a word from Iggy. Then, a word from Robyn.


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