There are some things I just don’t understand. Random acts of violence (especially interpersonal, impersonal violence) are high on my list.

Global Sociology wonders:

It would be interesting to see what happens if she is identified and caught. After all, the location of the camera is known, so, probably her relatives would know. How much stigma would be involved? She does look around to see if there is anyone to see her dump the cat. But it’s the Surveillance Society, lady, you gotta look up too.

For me, the question is more a psychological one: is she  a cat hater (who is willing to pet a cat, a la the Pied Piper, just to catch it), or has she got a relatively ordinary disposition toward cats/animals and her actions were a function of the immediate event environment? This is important, in case it is possible that we all could someday wake up and start throwing away cats. Or if empty streets and surveillance cameras cause otherwise ordinary people to throw away cats, we’ve really got to go outside more. Or keep our cats indoors.

UPDATE: Turns out that the video posted above was used by police in Coventry (or, is being used) to find the woman who put Kitty Lola into the bin.



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2 responses to “Deviance

  1. erinmcdonnell

    Did you ever read the article on “flesh searches” in China in the New York Times magazine a few months ago? The whole phenom really got rolling because of a viral video in which a well dressed Chinese woman holding a kitty puts down the kitty and stomps her stiletto heel through its head. Active online forum members started trying to find clues in the video to the identities of the woman and the cameraman, and eventually by crowd-sourcing info online were able to identify them and have them run out of their jobs and homes. A sort of online mob justice. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Jenn Lena

    OMG. WTF is with the kitty hatred?! WHO HATES KITTIES?

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