On the day of your release:

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

You haven’t really done anything nice for me lately. We’re not friends,  your movies provide no distraction at all from the dreariness of modern existence, and I don’t use self-tanner. I’m not that amused by crotch shots of you stepping out of the car, and I don’t particularly care if you’re a lesbian, or not. However, you have inspired greatness in others. Including Greg Rutter, who has been writing you postcards every day until now and posting them at Dear Lindsay Lohan. Like this one:

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

I recently read an article about art forgers and then later dreamed I was one. Only, in the dream everyone kept saying “that looks photoshopped” when they spotted it as a forgery. Is that an example of technology encroaching on the world of art? Or perhaps a metaphor for how our society rushes to keep up with increasingly sophisticated forms of art? Or maybe it’s just that my brain couldn’t think of the word “forged” because it was sleeping.

-Greg Rutter

Oooh! I just found another one I like:

Sunday July 25th, 2010

Dear Lindsay Lohan,

Woodworking is such a strange hobby. The entire leisure activity is predicated on work for one thing, but also that you have to believe in your heart that the wood wants to be a different shape. How strange to think that you’re doing the wood a favor by allowing it to finally take the form it has always wished. Just let the wood stay how it is, that’s always my belief.

-Greg Rutter


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