This is not where the buck stops.

This may be the most perfect email. In it, a newsletter editor for a sub-disciplinary association blames the voting membership for her inability to produce a newsletter. But she “really like[s] editing” it, so she next delegates responsibility for managing her work tasks to said membership (after all, she “suggested” that she wouldn’t be able to “initiate each issue”!).

Downright Presidential, you might say. This newsletter editor is on the way up, up, up!

Subject: [Academic sub-disciplinary] newsletter

Dear  all:

I think we should be putting together a newsletter quickly before the conference. Regarding the newsletter, you may have noticed it has not come out as much recently. The reason is that the recent arrangement in which I am the one with the responsibility to initiate each issue has, as I suggested, not worked.

I really like editing the newsletter, and want to continue to do so. I am asking for a bit of help, which is probably as simple as someone:
1) telling me when exactly each year I should put out an alert,
2) reminding me,
3) and helping edit or look over what I’ve done.

Thanks for suggestions.

[Signed, Newsletter Editor]

Maybe my commentariat would like to respond with some helpful suggestions?


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One response to “This is not where the buck stops.

  1. bromance

    Agreed, at least a _nearly_ perfect email. But please, please, please, just a little hint at which “[Academic sub-disciplinary] newsletter” we’re talking about here? Just a hint?

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