Too bad I can’t embed this one–it makes me terrified you might not click through to watch it. But DO. I probably shouldn’t like this “freestyle rap translation” as much as I do, but it helps that it was recommended to me (I think) by a very qualified source with extraordinarily good market sense.

Also, in the “tips” mode:

Check out the “most contagious of 2009” at contagious magazine. I haven’t read through it all but a Senior Executive Producer of Digital and Film says “check it out.”

If you are willing to consider the argument that “video is the new vernacular” you might want to watch the lessons at Khan Academy. We watched a little of the bit on Trigonometry.

If you’re interested in crowd sourcing the answers to your problems, try asking a question on Lazy Tweet.

Although it was recommended by someone in a different agency, Google has now acquired Aardvark, which is a service that uses expert sourcing to answer all manner of questions. I don’t know why they claim to choose experts “in your network” as the whole thing appears centralized, but maybe I just haven’t spent enough FAQ time. They do require a registration before use so….

Hunch was described as “kind of creepy” since it uses personality tests and some kind of wizard algorithm to not only answer your questions but customize each answer.

By the way, you need an internship. Everybody says so.

If you want to do on-line software training, try Lynda.


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