Politics, WITW style.

Gabriel sends in two doozies today, both of which illustrate the hazards of public service. Tokenism. Comparisons in the press to horny dogs. The use of home DNA testing kits as blackmail. The first, and I know you won’t forget this once you’ve heard it, is an advertisement for Mike Weinstein, from District 19 (in Florida). One assumes he’s after the inner city youth vote. Although I’m pretty sure the singer is from a Christian Rock band. And is The Pangea Live paying for their product placement? And why the “The”?

And then from our continuing coverage of animated Japanese Chinese reenactments of American political scandal, there’s this:

I don’t know what I like more: the flashback of the dog fucking her leg, or the zinging sound when she pushes him away. I’m going to go with the semi-translucent robe Al is wearing.


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  1. Well, Al Gore is still fat, at least.

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