Large inbox, too.

a small sample…just 5 things I was introduced to, today:

1. Binge drinking is greatest in Ireland (among EU countries) although a mis-reporting of results had the British Daily Telegraph claiming the crown. A great and simple example, perhaps for an early day in the Intro Sociology semester.

2. Ron Mueck makes these crazy huge baby sculptures. This is a good example of something I knew, and then forgot.

"Baby" by Ron Mueck. Photograph by annulla from Brooklyn, United States

3. Marina Abramovic continues to make little girls cry (and husky men) at her MOMA retrospective. I first saw the Flickr account of Marco Anelli (asked by the artist/museum to document the sitters), and now there’s a special place to view my favorites, called, appropriately enough, Marina Abramovic Made Me Cry.

4. Two economists at Alabama Huntsville are doing a study to investigate the prevalence of forced journal citations by the editors during the review process. Although I completed their survey ape thingie, I noted that each and every question framed the practice negatively (Some view it as inappropriate behavior, padding citations and diluting the value of the reference list.) even when they were asking our opinion of the practice. This kind of makes me want to write a survey ape thingie to ask them about the value of research that is based on survey questions that convey moral evaluations of response categories.

5. People are upset about Skip Gates’s NYT op-ed. They have written responses.



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7 responses to “Large inbox, too.

  1. i had the exact same reaction to the survey. in the open-ended question at the end i wrote about a case i was involved with where the “you didn’t cite the journal” reject was completely appropriate and i scolded them for their very leading question wording.

  2. witwmmc

    whatisthewhat makes me cry.

  3. I’m discovering I have a hard time taking these Abramovic attendees seriously.

  4. jimi

    Gabriel, where’d you you find an open-ended question? The version i got a link to was just three multiple choice questions. I ended up not responding, in large part because I wanted to say something along the lines of what you did, but didn’t see an option for doing so.

  5. jimi

    nm, i see now that that was only page 1.

  6. jt

    i deleted that “citation abuse” email too. i wouldn’t let leading questions like that fly in my methods class or in the field. what a waste!

  7. cwalken

    I, too, put a scolding response about question construction in the open response box. And I showed the survey to my methods course as an example of “professionals” making elementary mistakes. They loved it.

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