You’re it.

Imagine. You’re the last person on earth. The very last. There’s some war or apocalyptic natural disaster, or mass alien abduction and you end up with the trump card. What would you do? Hopefully you’ll do some of the things on this list.

A little taste:

  • Before Anything: Eat Exotic Fresh Fruits while they are around. They come from so far away that, odds are depending where you live, you will never ever get to have Banana, Pomegranite, Starfruit or Mango again in your life. Savor every bite. Make Fruit Leathers and Freeze what you cannot stomach to consume. You will also need to bone up on Vitamin C while you’re doing the most work.
  • Unless you plan on maintaining and protecting cows for the rest of their/your life… you’re unlikely to have a fresh glass of cold milk ever again. There are dehydrated milks (Klim) but it’s not the same.
  • Bacon. Eat all of what you can find. Cook it all up and dehydrate what you cannot stomach. Even if you hate it. You will never have the opportunity to consume bacon again.

The list is missing some important stuff, as preoccupied as it is with gasoline and it’s ability to expire in two years. For example, don’t you want some reading material that isn’t a dictionary? What about musical instruments or some other hobby? What about clothing–don’t you want clothing? And suntan lotion? And fresh water? And salt? I think you probably want lots of salt.


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  1. I like the last one — always be ready to kill yourself at the drop of the hat.

    These scenarios always remind me of the Twilight Zone episode, “Time Enough at Last” which is my personal most haunting episode of the show (

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