WITW, Muse edition

I recommend that you read this article about Dave Eggers in the Guardian, author of the book that relates the story from which the title of this blog derives.



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3 responses to “WITW, Muse edition

  1. pickledandfried

    To be reminded that Staggering only came out in 2000–and to think that he’s built all of that in less than 10 years: the time for many to finish a ph. d in the humanities.


  2. Jenn Lena

    Did you read about his work habits? That’s the trick: no internet at home, no twitting, blogging, etc. plus 8 hours of writing a day, plus building an organization that handles the collection of oral histories from which your fiction derives…that’s the ticket.

  3. pickledandfried

    If i had the same work habits, i wouldn’t be commenting on witw

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