Snow day

Simul-blogging of the Grammy Awards was canceled due to weather delays. The Southern Philosophy (TM) toward snow seems to be: let god handle it. We are trapped, waiting for warming weather. Not even the threat of lawsuits will deter us. Last night, on my way to my car, parked in Long Term at the airport, a lake of black ice resulted in a faithful rendition of the “learning to walk” scene from Bambi.

I won’t bore or taunt you with stories from our recent exploits in Mexico. Instead, let me simply recommend that chefs re-think their decision to fry sushi rolls. On the up side, good food in Cancun can be had at La Destileria. The green salsa with the charred cheese is quite lovely, and the shrimp tostadas are to die for. Although the mole sauce was average, that was the best cooked piece of chicken I think I’ve ever eaten. (I consider cooking chicken or eggs the true measure of a chef’s skills in the kitchen. If you don’t already know, you’re eating overcooked poultry all the time.)

Shrimp tosadas

I’m curious to know what explains the proliferation of tattoos. Especially the ones on the lower back. Since when do men get these? I thought the whole “tramp stamp” thing stigmatized the practice? And why should our vacation soundtrack consist exclusively of drum and bass? I’m thinking the VIPs would like a little Madonna-Gaga-Journey once in a while.

Also: it is totally impossible for people to read the directions on the customs and visa paperwork? Because all your questions are quite clearly answered right there on the form. I’d like the flight attendants to focus instead on taking away all these little pretzel wrappers and helping the woman in 24F deal with her infant child.

Okay. Back to work.

[Late addition: I read [books that shall remain nameless] Zeitoun and am almost 60% through Let The Great World Spin. Both are worth the price of admission. The former is a pretty amazing account of one family’s experience in and out of New Orleans during Katrina. The latter is fiction–as far as I can tell, each chapter is a short story, although chapters include accounts of (some of) the same events (including, most notably, Petit’s walk between the towers).


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