Three things you can do for others:

1. Recommend your senior undergraduates for the U.S. Fulbright/mtvU grant. One of the ways to get better music writing is to train and fund music writers when they’re young. This is  not unrelated to the ways in which we can get better music, since better music writers find better music and they are then the vector for getting better music into your house.

2. Bid on Josh Neufeld’s page from American Splendor (h/t Daniel Radosh). In fact, there’s a whole bundle of stuff you can buy off eBay’s Giving Works website, and much of this will go to charities working in Haiti like the Red Cross, MSF and Partners in Health. If you’ve reached your limit in terms of charitable giving, you could use this as a means to purchase other “needs” (think: Christmas or birthday gifts you could tuck away) and have this secondary benefit of serving others. Kinda like earning airline miles from credit card spending, but like, better.

3. Buy some super collectible (and melodic!) soul music from the Soul Strut auction Heatrocks for Haiti (see first thread). There’s some great stuff for sale, and you can earn cool points while doing so. Win-win.


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