Jennifer 8

I seriously might have to intervene with this “Jennifer” thing.



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3 responses to “Jennifer 8

  1. given how faddish names, especially girls names, are i highly suspect though that the goals of this movement are a fait accompli. certainly it was an enormously popular name for our 1970s birth cohort — when i was an undergrad i worked in a lab that had four Jenns — but none of my daughter’s friends are named jennifer (or laura, or rachel, or elizabeth). in the future look for a sppntcf, which by that time will also be pursuing a fait accompli as by that point names like frances, audrey, and bella will seem so aughts.

  2. Jenn Lena

    I agree there’s little reason to expect a resurgence of Jennness, but I wish there was something to do with all the ones in the world, already. You’ve got me thinking I should just email those Jennpeople the B&N link for Lieberson’s book.

  3. apostropher

    Mike Doughty went to school with 27 Jennifers.

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