This year I’m spending part of the holiday visiting my mother’s parents in Wisconsin. As I have already mentioned on this blog, my grandfather is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Already involved in a little on-line holiday shopping, I plugged in “Alzheimer holiday gift” and found The Alzheimer’s Store, an unfortunate but necessary invention.

The first amazing thing is that the sub-directory within “holiday gifts” affords you a choice between early, middle and later “stages.” Yuck. Totally ew. So I chose “middle” although I have very little idea what stage he’s at since I live so far away, and we frankly can’t trust my grandmother’s rendition of events.

Anyway, gift suggestions for “middle stage” individuals include some practical options (e.g., phones with pictures of family on the speed dial buttons), some therapeutic options (e.g., puzzles), some comfort options (e.g, classic radio shows CDs), and some truly bizarre options (“Baby Love: Babies Being Babies“).* And then I met up with this guy…the Spinoza (R) talking bear. He is, the copy claims, “very engaging and fun to listen to–speaking to YOU and always wanting to be your friend.” Is this a joke about his “short treatise?

* What’s with the infantalization, folks? People with Alzheimer’s are still adults, for christsakes.



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3 responses to “(R)eally?

  1. Gina

    Truly bizarre.

  2. Bizarreness aside, thanks for the tip. That phone will really come in handy for my mom.

  3. Jenn Lena

    I’m glad, Tina. The store should have been linked in the post: http://alzstore.com.

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