Today in numbers

I know you’re expecting I’ll write about voting returns in New York, but this is about InStyle Magazine. I looked up the information the magazine provides to potential advertisers, and here’s what I saw:


See anything fishy?

Both gender and age have per category values in the final column (“% composition”). However, the household income lists the total percentage of readers with incomes under $50,000, but then lists all subscribers above the remainder of the income categories. As you can see, 71% of readers earn more than $50,000, and 62% earn over $60,000. But you have to do the math to figure out that 9% earn between $50-60,000. Although technically correct, these numbers must produce a lot of confusion because of how they are reported.

This isn’t a revelation or anything, but it is what I did between 9:30 and 9:45 this morning.


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